Who we are

All Hong Kong Skateboards Association (AHKSA) established in 1999, is a Hong Kong based skateboard community events organization. Through passion in what we do, we have worked closely with the government in order to successfully build 15 public skate parks throughout Hong Kong so our future generations can have facilities to encourage a healthier lifestyle. Promoting community events with such organizations such as YMCA, Youth Outreach, and LCSD, AHKSA endeavors to promote skateboarding as a healthy form of exercise that develops a strong positive self-esteem. With the International Olympic Committee voting unanimously to include skateboarding in the 2020 Summer Games in Tokyo, skateboarding is now an official olympic sport!

Skateboarding is more than just exercise, we promote:


Inner strength






Strong self-esteem


Our Team


Julius Brian Siswojo


A devoted husband, father, Skateboarder since 1988, founder of Vans Sk8five2 Indoor Skate park, pioneer of skateboarding, Chairman of AHKSA, Vice-Chairman in the skateboarding division of The Hong Kong Federation Of Extreme Sports (X-Fed), J Brian Siswojo is passionate about promoting a healthy and sustainable skateboarding lifestyle for kids and adults alike. He has organized over a hundred events working with Vans, Nike SB, Converse, adidas Skateboarding, and many other brands. He has held seminars at Chinese University, Hong Kong University, ISF, and many more.

“Skateboarding has no boundaries”


Chung Pak Khei


Pak Khei has been skateboarding since 1988. As the co-founder & Vice President of AHKSA, he is also the creator of The Hong Kong Street Skateboarding Contest, which he started in order to promote the sport throughout Hong Kong.

“I hope I can reach and inspire others the way skateboarding has influenced my life. It’s given me courage, balance, creativity, and a way to think outside the box.”

Our instructors

Head Instructor - Luk Chun Yin

Luk Chun Yin (Chun Chai) is the top ranking professional skater since 2013 who represented Hong Kong in various Asian X-Games certified by the Olympic Committee, gold medalist in 2010 in Taiwan and 2014 in Phuket. The achievement is important to Chun since he could advocate for the public and government to get fundings to contribute the skateboarding community. Since starting skateboarding over 15 years ago, he’s always pushing for a more positive perception on skateboarding and hopes that it will become more socially accepted.

Tong Shing Yan Mouse

Mouse has been skateboarding for more than 15 years. He is an experienced instructor and hopes to inspire more people through skateboarding.

Chan Po Him

In the time Ar Him has been skateboarding, he has shared all of his experiences to inspire his students. He believes skateboarding can change your life as it has changed his.